About: Overview of Teaching Style

I teach the yoga class so that the experience feels integrated from head to toe. This minimizes effort, strengthens core muscles, and brings intelligence to body and mind.  The intention is that this intelligence and sense of integration resonates beyond the immediate physical experience to perspective shifts which take effect during daily living.

I started practicing Siddha yoga and have studied Iyengar yoga for many years.  I have also been influenced by Kripalu. Consequently, the yoga sessions are absorbing and meditative. The tool for creating this state can be careful attention to precise details of alignment or flow, with or without music, according to which approach works best for the student.

"For the past two years Debbie, our personal yoga instructor, has come to our house to teach us yoga. I have been accompanied by my daughter, her friend and her friend's mother.  Often we have guests who join the class also. The class takes on a new personality of its own almost each week, but Debbie is cool and goes with the flow. Debbie is an amazing teacher, mainly in that she is so in tune with her clients and their needs. She teaches the class like an expert pedagogue: fully mindful of her audience and the diverse learning styles of her students.... Learning yoga with Debbie has been a great experience, truly eye-opening: I have gained a new understanding of my body. Thanks Debbie, you create the ultimate classroom experience by reaching all ages, all, people, all needs!"  [Willa]


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