Teacher Training: Specialized for Yoga Teachers Working with Children

The Core Yoga in Schools trainings were developed for yoga teachers, parents and teachers interested in teaching yoga to children K-12.  They were inspired by a deep commitment to bringing yoga to children in schools.

The foundation for the training is over ten years experience teaching yoga to children in schools and the desire both to share from this experience and to create the space and time to consider well how to approach this work thoughtfully and effectively. The training and the manual created for the training were developed through teaching experience and a recent research study with the Boston Public Schools and Children's Hospital.

I have attended other trainings for teaching children, Yoga Ed, Karma Kids Yoga, the Penn Resiliency Curriculum, Positive Psychology for High School Students and Kripalu's Yoga in Schools research project training. The development of the Core Yoga in Schools Body-Mind Course for grades 6-12 and the K- grade 5 manual were influenced by personal work with Cheri Huber and the Zen Monastery Peace Center, Landmark Forum, the Practicum in Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction and by previous curricula I have written for presenting yoga to children including curricula for Streta Yoga Center in Needham, Arlington High School, a joint project with Deborah Van Handel, the BeYoga manual, and early research efforts with Sat Bir Khalsa studying the effects of yoga on children in schools including the curriculum for the first year of Kripalu's Yoga in Schools research project. 

Upcoming Teacher Training:

Core Yoga in Schools Program


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